The Voice and the Sound

Poems about life

by admin g

Every side of the world has a voice.

They can make a sound that gives the reflection of a vibrating heart.

As if united with what must be done, everything must be based on sound.

What you hear now, is not necessarily the same as what other people hear.

Is it true that the sound is like living in this world?

Sounds like making the nuances of life itself.

What if the world feels empty and there is no sound?

What should be achieved?

Of course that’s impossible!

All voices have their own parts and tasks.

Both from the lowest note, the time lag and the rhythm, all into one beautiful series.

To be able to combine it is a wonderful thing.

Even every sound on this earth, all has a hidden meaning.

Will that voice come in your dreams?

Only the voice itself can provide the answer.

The hidden meanings of voice and sound. -admin g

Enjoy your life!


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