Poems about life

by admin g

I’ve been around since time immemorial.

I always hug you, but you don’t realize it.

Maybe until now I’m still attached to your tiny body.

The whole world feels me too.

All living beings can breathe through me.

I can hug warmly and coldly.

Can you feel it now?

How do you feel now on your skin?

After all, humans are always beside me, even though I’m invisible.

They always use me.

And consists of many elements in it.

Can you guess and imagine who I really am?

Now humans need to take something good from me, but not necessarily return it well to me.

Therefore, pollution is everywhere.

Now I am polluted like a lifeless stain.

Happiness is accompanied by health, it all becomes retarded.

Will this pollution ever end?

Hi humans! Can you guys restore my former self before the pollution?

Humans can only use, without being able to restore it as before. – Admin g

Enjoy your life!


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