Poems about life

by admin g

A black spot on a paper.

The spots began to spread and covered the entire paper.

The black stain started as a drip of ink.

It didn’t take long, everything had become a dirty stain on white paper.

Now how to remove the ink?

Can you do the cleaning on white paper?

It’s the same with this life.

So, there are times when everything that comes out of us, cannot be swallowed back.

Even if it was a mistake, it wouldn’t be able to return to its original position.

Everything we take as an action, there is a risk.

If it has already become dirty and stained, then what should be done?

We can only partially clean up like forgiving a mistake in the past, and don’t repeat it.

Maybe it will leave a “mark” in your life.

But, it’s better, and not as bad as it used to be.

Ink makes a mark on white paper. It’s same as we have a mistake and can’t be swallowed back. -admin g-

Enjoy your life!


8 responses to “Ink”

  1. This holds true for myself as a writer. When I dip into a well of ink I consider it to be my heart as I form letters into words on parchment. It’s those feelings, a deep inner experience or thought that brings it to life. It’s the lessons learned or those I’m trying to work out. It’s the freedom you give yourself to be heard. Thank you for this πŸ’•πŸ•ŠπŸ’•

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