Poems about life

by admin g

I’m not just ordinary pen.

I can be used by humans for various things.

Whatever is written with a pen, it is a masterpiece.

If I was written in the past, I would be history.

If I was written in the present, I could be a speaking necessity.

If I was written in the future, I would be a new innovation.

The birth of human thoughts, sometimes I can write.

Unfortunately, everything that is written cannot be erased easily.

What is written can be true or false.

The problem is, humans very often make mistakes.

It’s like an act that was wrong and has hurt other people’s feelings, then can’t go back to how it was before.

So, what’s so great about me being just a pen?

I just want to teach people, that the line you write must be firm and don’t hesitate to choose your life.

Life must go on like a pen line for the future.

Let all that can be a work without hurting the feelings of others.

What is written must be true or false. It’s like a life, drawing your life can be true or false too. So be patience. -admin g-

Enjoy your life!


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