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Poems about life

by admin g

Second by second ticking.

Feeling that something has increased, even though it is only one number behind it.

Does it bring a change?

Yes, right.

A fact that every second that is passed on this earth brings a big change.

Be it for one’s life or the universe.

All in the end do a part of self-improvement or decline.

Without realizing it, a matter of seconds becomes valuable for humans.

One second to smile.

One second to grieve.

One second to laugh.

One second to be angry.

One second there is a curse.

One second is a blessing.

One second the earth changes position.

One second changes activities.

And many more.

All bring changes to a decision that you make in this second, and then the results are there in the next second.

So, cherish your seconds.

We can cherish every second. -Admin g

Enjoy your life!



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