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Poems about life

by admin g

Like a shell looking up.

But not an ordinary shell.

The shell is useful for holding something on it.

It can be solid or liquid or semi-solid objects that it contains.

Do you know that upturned shell?

it is a bowl.

Humans usually use it as a food or drink container and so on.

But actually, there is a philosophy of its own when we try to discuss a bowl.

Life is like a bowl with the actual shell facing down.

And it always makes self-confidence appear in every human person.

It is very difficult if humans try to look at things in a positive direction.

However, it is different with a bowl.

The bowl is always facing up with a wide open, ready to accept whatever is in it.

This makes the bowl shell more useful as a container of life.

Be a human being wisely for whatever things you see so far.

Don’t be too insecure in this life, to be honest it will bother you.

You will lose yourself if your shell continues to close.

Therefore, try to open like a bowl.

Open like a bowl with a shell looking up. -admin g

Enjoy your life!



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