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Poems about life

by admin g

Now it’s time for a tread to cross that must be crossed.

Only me and these feet can tread it.


The path is like the path of life that I don’t know where it ends.

All lead me to a destination.

Even more importantly by seeing a path I was touched.

My heart is touched by everything that happens on this path of life.

There are many ways for me to walk, walk fast, or run.

The important thing is that I keep doing that and know where I’m headed.

I don’t want to lose another path that isn’t mine.

Life is like a path.

Everyone has their own path.

Indeed, some are the same and even they will compete.

You know, all actually have their own path.

Can you understand what that path means?

Can you understand your own path and not someone else’s?

Can you understand not to take someone else’s path?

Everything has a time, everything has a purpose and everything has a way.

And that is what is called “your own path”.

Your path is just waiting for you to be a purpose in your life. – admin g

Enjoy your life!



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