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Poems about life

by admin g

The greatest source of light on earth and illuminates the earth every day, is sunlight.

The sun is full of joy.

Joy has emanated from all forms of light that illuminate the earth.

Sunlight wants to say good morning greetings and ready to work.

Go through all things well.

And welcome the day with enthusiasm to live life.

There are times when human life needs to be grateful.

Humans need to be grateful to feel the sunlight shining on them.

Humans need to be grateful to feel the warmth of the greeting of the morning sun.

Humans need to be grateful that they still see the light of the morning sun until sunset.

That’s called life.

Very simple and share the fun, just by sharing it for free.

Don’t be afraid to live life with a cheerful spirit, because you have radiated your own beauty as an attraction for those around you.

You will shine in your light life, like a sunlight. -admin g

Enjoy your life!



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