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The Fog

The story of life

by grez

What is visible in front of the eye, but cannot be reached by the hand.

Everything feels like a vacuum, even though there is air in it.

Why is this weird?

Mysterious and seems hidden, because it covers something that looks blurry.

Without good or bad eyesight, you will never see clearly.

Because all of it is closed like the heart.

Blanket inside the blanket.

Is this a warmth? no.

This blanket is like covering your body, but if you go in there, you will find your body becomes cold.

Cold piercing to the bone.


Sometimes all hope for the future will not be clear.

Just like the fog that shrouds your future.

When you try to reach it up close, it will feel empty.

Like empty hands holding hope.

But that hope was lost.

Don’t cry, because the time of the fog is short.

There will come a time when the fog will disappear, if you have come down to the bottom of the mountain valley.

Please reach for your hope when the fog dissipates.

When the time comes, the fog will dissipate and the future will open to you. -by grez

Enjoy your life!



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