• Filter
    Poems of life by grez Life is like a filter. Filter filtering of all the web of human nature. Filter filtering of all human capabilities. Filter filter of all natural human talents. Filter filtering of all human needs. Filter filtering of all human love relationships. Filter filtering of all human friendships. Then what else? Despite […]
  • The Fog
    The story of life by grez What is visible in front of the eye, but cannot be reached by the hand. Everything feels like a vacuum, even though there is air in it. Why is this weird? Mysterious and seems hidden, because it covers something that looks blurry. Without good or bad eyesight, you will […]
  • Tears
    Poems about life by admin g There are only tears that accompany my day. When I feel sad and restless, no one cares about me. There is a source of living water that moves from inside my body, then comes out into water droplets. And those are tears. However, there are so many that can […]
  • Sunlight
    Poems about life by admin g The greatest source of light on earth and illuminates the earth every day, is sunlight. The sun is full of joy. Joy has emanated from all forms of light that illuminate the earth. Sunlight wants to say good morning greetings and ready to work. Go through all things well. […]
  • Plastic
    Poems about life by admin g I am strong, I am not easily broken by the ground. I was formed in various ways. All humans use me as a tool that is very, very useful. And even if everything was made so easily, then would I perish that easily too? Looks like it won’t. Because […]

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