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Poems about life

by admin g

I am strong, I am not easily broken by the ground.

I was formed in various ways.

All humans use me as a tool that is very, very useful.

And even if everything was made so easily, then would I perish that easily too?

Looks like it won’t.

Because everything on earth right now doesn’t want me any more.

I’m useful, but too much is not good either.

My strength is what keeps me from disappearing, and it’s hard to renew.

What should I do now?

Hey humans!

Don’t forget how to parse things.

You can make things, you are also responsible for destroying them.

Anything in excess is not good.

Know that the earth is getting old, and we need to make peace with nature.

Otherwise, nature will weep bitterly.

Otherwise, nature will spit out the entire contents of its pollution.

Including me.

We can make, but we must recycle it too. -admin g

Enjoy your life!



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